We personalize health on our connected health platform.
The SigmaΣHealth™ platform is an extremely intuitive and easy to use personalized healthcare system.

Our solution hinges on the belief that we ourselves are the ones most capable of taking care of ourselves. Not a faceless provider, not a physician, not even our families. We take responsibility.

It is founded on the idea of enabling and empowering individuals in managing their own health. It pushes forward a very nascent and radical notion of personalized health. This notion assumes particular importance with chronic diseases – also called non-communicable diseases or NCDs.

The RedMed Platform

The SigmaΣHealth™ platform comprises the following:

  • point-of-care diagnostic kiosk appliance (rapiDx™) with the capability to measure an expansive list of body vitals,
  • secure storage in the cloud, and
  • a mobile app that empowers users with features to track their health, be notified of any appointment or threshold in their vitals that has been crossed to set off an alarm, medication reminder, data sharing with a personal physician or care provider, risk scoring based on a proprietary “personal health radar” and predicted disease index (pDx™), anonymized social challenge to motivate oneself, and seamless mobile payment.

RedMed will comply with extant and progressive standards relating to data security, privacy, authentication, portability, and consumer ownership of their own data that will allow them to exit the system entirely if they so desire. We are totally committed to open standards and interoperability and will make every effort to enable our users to continue being a part of other worlds and to draw them in, at their preference, to pool other experiential data that make sense in a healthcare context and make for a richer experience and understanding. This may include social, wearables, Internet of Things, Internet of Healthcare Things, and anything else the future may bring.

The RedMed Methodology

Three principles describe our methodology: Measurement, Cognition, and Action. Measurement of body vitals is accomplished at the point-of-care diagnostic kiosk appliance and stored securely in the cloud; Cognition is fostered and encouraged by the various tools promoting awareness and appreciation on the mobile app; and Action through behavioral change methods that instill positive habits for positive health outcomes.

We call this “TLC” or, Track-Learn-Change.

Track: Periodic Vitals Tests at the kiosk

We will help people to record and track their health status. The periodic vitals tests form the core of our tracking methodology, supplemented by user-generated data describing their diet and activity.

The rapiDx™ kiosk appliance has been designed and built for self-use and to help users to periodically measure their body vitals and have it stored persistently.

Our grand idea for health is really an elegantly simple one: good health is the sum of a few basic, commensensical, practices. One we term Σ Health, or SigmaΣHealth™. The upper case Σ in Greek alphabet is used as a symbol for the summation operator – the “Σ” symbol (called Sigma) means “sum up”. In keeping with this idea, we believe good health may be summarized as the sum of its components that make it possible:

Σ (Health) =

Periodic Checks + Healthy Diet + Regular Exercise + Other (genetic, environmental)

Keeping good health, then, is a matter of ensuring they all add up positively. But…this is not our promise. It’s a promise to yourself. Stay at it and you reward yourself. With a long, healthy, life. We cannot impact everything, of course, and we certainly can do little about the “other” as of today but the ones we can would go a long way to keep you in good shape.

Learn: Vitals Trends & Risk Scoring

We will help people to learn about their own health and the vulnerabilities they face and what they mean. Learning is accomplished through predictive risk scoring for any chronic disease and supplemented by learning resources.

Learning is strengthened by our risk scoring and the personal health radar developed by a partner company from whom we have licensed and work with to improve it. Users have a rich basis to absorb and appreciate the status of their health when they see the trends in their vitals, their nutrition characteristics, and activity logs in conjunction with the risk score compiled for them.

Change: Behavior Modification

We will help people inspire themselves to undertake fundamental changes in their lifestyles that bring about demonstrable results towards good health.

Change – Action – in our methodology is assisted by the resources to follow up on and context resulting in activation towards modification of habits. We believe these, when supplemented by social learning, coaching, and mentoring – either virtual or offline – hold the possibility for newer and more healthy habits to form, replacing the old.